Pain & Purpose in the Pacific
 Richard Carl Bright

                         77 years ago Pearl Harbor happened.

it was a time of World War II,

it was a time of sacrifice and survival. 

  To the veterans of that time - - Thank you.

       We saw the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II come and go the year of 2015. The year 2018 is the 77th anniversary year of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This book is meant to remind us the history, and that there are veterans still with us who should be recognized and shown our sincere  gratitude for their participation in that miserable war; be it if they were in the Pacific Theater or the European theater. Thank them while we can.

Pain and Purpose in the Pacific is about – you guessed it, the war in the Pacific. Included in this report are the testimonies of several veterans of that conflict. I was able to thank my uncle while he was here, and my aunt who waited for him. I have been able to thank several others; some of them are mentioned within the pages of this book. It’s important that we as Americans, Brits, Aussies, or America’s allies, take the time away from our everyday personal pursuits, to reflect on the big picture of the events past, and say thank you – to a veteran of that war.


Clara Young  and Marine Corporal Carl Johnson. He is my uncle, she therefore, is my aunt. He is a Marine who went to war, and she is the woman who waited for him to return. Two weeks after that return, she became Clara Johnson. They were married, raised a family, and lived the American dream. In a real sense, that is what the  veterans of WWII were fighting for.