Pain & Purpose in the Pacific
 Richard Carl Bright

About the Author

Richard Carl Bright was born and raised in Walker Minnesota. Some of his earliest memories are of riding with his uncle Carl on a tractor where Carl farmed, near the town of Akeley, Minnesota, just 10 miles from Walker. At that time, Carl had only recently returned to Minnesota. He returned to his farm, and a new life after World War Two in the Pacific.

Richard (Dick) is a graduate of Walker High School, and Bemidji State University, where he attended classes, and Columbia State and Hamilton Universities through distance learning and correspondence. He has degrees in Geography, Earth Science, Theology, and Religious Studies but holds very little importance to the degrees themselves. He says: "Education is essential, but it is what one believes, and the action he takes that makes the difference."

Richard Bright has authored The Ark, A Reality? and Quest for Discovery. He is a Vietnam veteran. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Rating, and is a retired airline Captain. He retired from Continental Airlines in late 2004. He's the father of one daughter Courtney and at the time of this work, he married Danielle and they lived on the island of Saipan.

Shown below, are the invasion beaches on the western side of the island of Saipan as they look today. Pain & Purpose in the Pacific is quite descriptive in photo and in word of these beaches, now beautiful, once bloody, and their place in history