Pain & Purpose in the Pacific
 Richard Carl Bright

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        WWII is won.  After the victory there was a time of peace. But since that time of victory and the peace that followed, there have been other wars, and even today there are wars of combat, and there is another kind of war.  In order to win that other kind of war, there are battles in life to be fought.  There are the physical battles of not only combat, but on a personal nature such as physical health; and there are mental/emotional, spiritual battles as well as the financial battles of the day. There are battles to be fought. So, what do we do to find peace in the middle of all these battles?             

         Consider this: “Peaceful” , or “Pacifico” is the name Magellan gave to the ocean now known as the Pacific. There was a big war, a physical, mental and emotional battle that brought Pain and Purpose in the Pacific.

        The USS Missouri is the ship on which the peace treaty was signed at the end of WWII in the Pacific. It is now at anchor in the Pacific waters of Hawaii where the bombs once fell that started that war in the Pacific.



        Scriptures tell us another peace "treaty" awaits us at the end of our battles of life – for those of us who believe and take the right action. John 3:16 and Romans 10: 9,10 tell us about it. It is victory over the spiritual battle, and it is worth your time to read this information. This statue sits on top of Mount Tapotchau on the island of Saipan. That too is a place the bombs of WWII once fell. It is now a place of peace.